FrameIt 5.13a
Advanced Link Redirector


TextForLinkText for the FrameIt link
UrlURL for the body frame (url: required)
TextText or Image for footer link (string/url)
TitleTitle for browser window (string)
The settings below this line are optional
FooterSizeSize of footer in pixels (integer)
FooterLocation Location of footer frame (1,2,3)
FooterFontFaceText font of footer (string)
FooterFontSize Font size of footer text (integer)
ShowRemoveFrameDispay Remove Frame link (1 or -1)
LinkOverride URL of footer link (url)
BodyFrameFrameset name of the body frame (string)
FooterFrameFrameset name of the footer frame (string)
LinkTargetLink target for footer link (string)
FooterBgcolorColor of footer frame (color)
FooterTextColorColor of footer text (color)
FooterTextStyle Font style
FooterBackgroundFooter background image (image url)
AllowResizeAllow frames to be resized (1 or -1)
FrameBorderFrame Border (1 or -1)
The settings below this line may be available only to authorized domains
FooterUrlOverride the footer frame (url)
ShowAdDispay link to Ad/sponsor (1 or -1)
AdTextText or Image of the ad link in footer (string/url)
AdUrlAd/sponsor page (url)
ConfigFileAlternate config file (file path)