Our Changing State
Welcome! This web site has been designed to educate people about Washington's natural resources. It tells what some of Washington State's natural resources are, how we use them, and how we can protect and preserve them.

Natural resources are very important to all living things. It may surprise you, but we depend on our natural resources just to survive in this modern time. If we do not protect them, we will soon find that they no longer exist. We must protect and preserve them for future generations.

"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children". -Unknown

We have an awesome responsibility to the people of the future. We need to protect our natural resources because they make our earth what it is. We must save our earth - there is only one and we only have one chance! If we all do a little bit to help protect and preserve our natural resources, it will add up to a lot and then there will be plenty for all.

Pure Water
Water is one of Washington's natural resources. We use water for many different things including household use, recreational activities, and generating hydroelectricity. It also provides a part of the natural habitat for Washington's fish and wildlife.
Majestic Forests
Trees are very beneficial for many things. They provide oxygen to the air and cleanse it by removing the pollution. Not only do the forests provide clean air, but recreational enjoyment and scenic beauty. We also use trees for building materials, paper, and many other things.

Wild Salmon
This page is all about the amazing life journey of the wild salmon. You will follow the salmon from birth in the mountain stream, to life in the ocean, and back to the stream for their final days. These salmon are a very important natural resource to people, animals, and forests.

How You Can Help
This page teaches you how you can help protect and preserve Washington's natural resources. Tips include how to wash your car responsibly, how to maintain your yard naturally, and how to conserve electricity efficiently.

Go to this page for links to other interesting and informative web sites about natural resources.

This page lists the web sites I used to find information for this web site. It also gives special thanks to the people and organizations who gave me permission to use their photos and graphics in this project.

Meet the Washington DNR
On this page you will find information about the Department of Natural Resources. You will find out what they do, how they do it, and why they do it. They have an important part in helping protect and preserve Washington's natural resources.

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