The Importance of Wild Salmon
Welcome! Pacific salmon are very important to people, animals, and forests. Some people make their living fishing for salmon while many animals - such as bears, eagles, and orca whales - depend on salmon for much of their food. Bones or flesh of salmon which are left in the forest by animals provide nutrients to the land, which help make everything grow.

There is one problem though: Salmon numbers have been decreasing. This is due to a variety of reasons including high predation, over-fishing, loss of habitat, dam construction, logging practices, and general pollution. Because there are many natural and human impacts which have played a part in this decline, no single cause is to blame.

Throughout this site you will learn about the life cycle of the wild salmon, the modern challenges they face, and how you can help save them from becoming extinct. If we all do a little bit to help, it will add up to a lot; and then there will be plenty of salmon for all the people, animals, and forests.
The Journey
The Journey is an electronic tour of the life cycle of the wild salmon. You will follow the salmon from birth, high in a mountain river, to the ocean, and back again. You will also learn about the modern challenges presented by this journey.
How You Can Help
Here you will learn simple things you can do to help the wild salmon survive in this modern time. Tips range from how to dispose of oil properly to the washing of your car responsibly.
Salmon Links
On this page you will find links to other interesting and informative web sites about salmon. There is even a link to a downloadable salmon board game!
Credit Page
This page lists references and sources used in writing and designing this site. This page also has some information about me, the author.

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